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As summer was knocking on our door in late May, I heard commercials of KATAR radio extolling the virtues of Crystalline from Intellifilm.  As one who suffers from severe photosensitivity (sensitivity to bright light) I was already experiencing difficulty in some driving situations with the bright sun coming through my windows, and I am also very sensitive to heat coming onto my body through the windows making long trips in this climate a virtual impossibility.  I am one who believes that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  But in my long life few companies come to mind for always having extraordinary products, and atop that list is Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M).

Disabled and on a fixed income, I had some reservations but came to Intellifilm anyway.  You were the consumate salesman with a true belief in the product you represented and understood my personal situation.  You worked out a way that allowed me to experience the effects of Crystalline in a way that would work its way into my restrictive budget.  You installed the Crystalline 70 on my front windshield and the Crustalline 40 on my two front windows.  The results were immediately noticeable!  No troubling glare in my eyes and no burning effects on my body from the front windows as I worked my way through traffic.  The next week I spent the better part of a 106 degree day (6am to 2:30pm) with my car parked in the blazing sun while I was going through medical tests at the Veteran’s hospital.  I got into my car and it was tepid, but not blazing hot, and in that and similar situation since, I would run my air conditioiner for three to five blocks before I felt very comfortable!  I did, I must note, feel the heat on the back of my head from the areas in the back of my SUV and knew that I needed to add the Crystalline throughout the vehicle for optimum effect and comfort.

The product is superb, the service was excellent, and your assistance and cooperation made this all possible; now I am saving with great diligence so I can add the product to the remainder of my SUV!  My sincere regards and many thanks!


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