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Intellifilm, a new company in Chandler, installs in cars, homes and businesses a new type of window films, technology manufactured by 3M. It is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

It is one of the 3M multi-layer optical films (MOF), which are invisible window films for auto, home and commercial use. They block almost all radiant heat from entering a car, home or business through windows, resulting in a car being 40 degrees cooler after being parked in the sun than it would be with normal tinting. It also lowers fuel costs because drivers use less air conditioning.


Intellifilm, opened in May by owner Adam Carangelo, is at 6948 W. Chandler Boulevard, the northeastern corner of 56th Street and Chandler Boulevard. The shop contains a demonstration with a heat lamp to show customers three products: untreated glass; glass with a dark limo tint, which is still hot; and Crystalline, which keeps the glass cool. Contact: 480-320-3456 or


Putting the film in a car would cost $499 and up, although that figure is negotiable, depending on how busy the installers are.

The company plans to install film in a house in Sedona for $6,500. Some house installations could cost $1,500 to $10,000, depending on the windows.


Carangelo says it enhances safety in autos because it reduces glare, and it reduces heat in case children or pets are left in cars. The film, a product of 3M’s renewable energy division, has been in use in Asia and was recently introduced in the

U. S. The technology is similar to that used in TVs, liquid crystal displays and phones. The film for autos is Crystalline, and the film for homes and offices is Prestige.