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Hey Gambo,
I have been a loyal listener of your program ever since the “dark days” when you used to be on Xtra sports 910 AM from 3 to 6 in the afternoon. About two years ago my wife was having problems with her skin. She always has been light complected and got sunburns rather quickly, but after a recent visit to her Dr. it was discovered that she was also developing a sun allergy and a serious skin cancer condition due to growing-up here in the valley.  We have tried everything to try and prevent her from further damage. Even to the point in which we wrapped her up in a bed sheet when we traveled to attempt to help her. Then one day in the office I heard your commercial about the 3M Crystalline window tint that was available at Intellifilm. I rushed home and talked with my wife and told her about all of the great features that the 3M window tint has. The next day I made the call and talked to Phil and told him that we don’t have a lot of money for something like this, and he worked with us with discounts and even picked-up our vehicle from her office in AJ and installed the tint and also installed door edge guards then returned the vehicle to my Wife’s office without any extra charge to us.

Now I bet you receive tons of E-mails in regards to the products you advertise, but I bet you never received one in which you helped save a life. Because if you never advertised this product, then I would have never known it had existed. Now my wife could not be happier, and we can’t ever be more thankful for everyone that assisted us in this process, from your commercial, Gambo, to Phil at Intellifilm who went out of his way to help us and finally the tech who installed the tint…We greatly appreciate what everyone’s done!!

Thank You