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I am very pleased with our decision to use Intellifilm for our window film needs.  With the hot weather we have been having, our family room, South facing, and the boys rooms, East facing, are staying significantly cooler than they had been prior to having Intellifilm install the 3M window film.  In the family room I was able to remove the heavy draperies and dark blinds allowing the sunlight to brighten the room while preventing it from heating the room.  I absolutely love my cooler and brighter family room.  The entire process of purchasing and having the installation of 3M film was remarkably pleasant.  I especially appreciate you coming to our house a second time to facilitate my husband being able to experience the heat lamp test.  Being able to feel how the 3M film blocked the heat from the heat lamp much more than the sample films I had received from other companies was amazing.  The technology behind the 3M window film is wonderful.

I am very satisfied with my experience with you, the 3M window film, the installation personnel and process, and Intellifilm.  I highly recommend all of you to everyone interested in window film or screens.


Diane Hedger