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So a buddy of mine just recently got his windows tinted… he mentioned this new technology and how his car doesn’t get hotter than about 85 degrees. I thought this sounded unreal since it is 100+ degrees here everyday in the summer. So I decided to do a little research myself.

Okay. . . So I got this stuff installed on my car a few days ago. First of all the place I went to, to get it installed was really nice. The people who work there are really nice people. They all loved my car and one of the guys even use to own a 2000 GT-S when they first came out.

Does this actually work?

Very much so. It deflects heat very well. Since I have a GT-S with LEATHER and on top of that living in the DESERT my seats get pretty d@mn hot as well as the steering wheel and leather shift knob. If you are wearing shorts the seats no longer burn your legs and I can grab the steering wheel without it burning me. I would recommend this product to anyone who lives where it gets really hot or has high humidity.