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As you know, I originally had the Crystalline Window Film put on the windshield and front windows of my SUV as I am disabled and on a fixed income.  The effects with only that much done were remarkable and notable as I pointed out in my letter on July 7th.

As the temperatures continued to rise here in my first summer, I cut every corner to raise the moneyt o get the rear passenger windows, rear cargo windows and rear windows done; to wit, the entire vehicle.  I was already awed at what impact the first part of the job had done, well this completed vehicle coverage has passed… no, SURPASSED all my hopes and expectations!

I had to drive to Los Angeles and back recently for eye and other surgery and in recent times, that 400 mile drive would take two days each way due to the effects of glare on my terribly photosensitive eyes, even while wearing $225.00 polarized sunglasses.  This trip was done during the full daylight hours, both ways, and completed in one day without any noticeable impact on my eyes and vision.  It was a real blessing.  And the reduction/climination of heat factor is absolutely astounding.  I work by night and often leave work and go to the Veteran’s Administration hospital where I’d parked in the blazing sun all day long before driving right back to work again.  I watched others open their vehicle doors and jump back, hesitate, and then quickly reach in and start their air conditioning and wait for 5 minutes or more until it is cool enough for them to get in their cars and go.  I get into my car which is still very warm, but tolerable, fire it and the A/C up, and within three to five blocks I can turn the air down to a low level just for basic comfort.  And there is never a feeling of heat from the sun until I try driving with my driver’s window partly open.  Then it is painfully evident how powerful the direct sunlight is on my skin where the Crystalline is not affording me protection!  This product is something I don’t really believe I could have withstood the summer without.  I am ever so grateful to 3M for inventing Crystalline and you and the staff at Intellifilm for your installation, service, and support in providing it.


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